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Year 4 learned how to record their findings on a grid so that they could see if there was any pattern in the distribution.  Photo by Tony Jedrej, Countryside Commission. Rounded Rectangular Callout: What else did the children do? Touch the picture
Group members helped children from Thriplow Primary School to understand more of the process of finding out about the past.  They looked at the results of our earlier resistivity survey and then scanned the same area in the school playing field with a metal detector. The children found several nails and bottle tops but were really excited to find a Canadian coin.



The lines of the road system were marked out with a trail of dry sand and then with milestones using Roman numerals.  Photo by Tony Jedrej, Countryside Commision. The children were also helped to survey a straight road over an imaginary hill and then plan out the grid system of a Roman town.  They lined up along the strings of a groma as the Romans would have done.
Contrasting surveying technology....the digital theodolite bought with a grant from the L.H.I. and the groma that the children helped to make.   Photo by Tony Jedrej, Countryside Commission. When their lines were checked with a modern theodolite the groma was found to have been surprisingly accurate.
Some of the St Bede's pupils with their display in the school's main entrance. The Thriplow group was also involved in supporting pupils from St Bede's Inter-Church Comprehensive School  Cambridge.  This project involved researching the development of the site of the school, using old maps and documents, aerial photographs, newspapers and oral evidence.

The work culminated in a wall display and a leaflet with a time line.


The Thriplow Landscape Research Group have given talks to local history societies. They have also exhibited at the Millenium displays in Sawston and Whittlesford and at the Cambridge Antiquarian Society annual conference.  Regular updates are published in the Thriplow journal.

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