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This view of the school and adjacent field shows clearly the ditched area which was surveyed by the group.  Long shadows created by the evening sun emphasise the shape of the ground.

The vicar, Jim Mynors, took members up the church tower, from where there was a breathtaking view of the parish of Thriplow and surrounding land. 


We visited these other sites in order to make comparisons and to extend our  understanding of the Thriplow landscape:

*Pepperton Hill, Duxford (with archaeologist Richard Mortimer)
*Clopton,a deserted medieval village
*Wandlebury (with Tim Malim, Cambridge A.F.U.)
*Fulbourn, Dunmowe's  Manor (with Caroline Malim, Cambridge A.F.U.)
*Hinxton Hall
*Devil's Dyke (with Alison Taylor, past County Archaeologist for Cambridgeshire)
*Stonea Camp (with Alison Taylor)
*West Stowe ( with Alison Taylor)
*St Alban's Roman site (with Alison Taylor)
*Grimes Graves
*Sedgeford, Norfolk, Anglo Saxon cemetery (with Cambridge Antiquarian Society)
*Walton Common pingo site.
*Sutton Hoo

The group continues to read widely, and attend lectures, seminars and day schools.  Courses studied have been:

*Landscape History
*Roman and Anglo Saxon history
*Vernacular architecture
*Science in Archaeology
*Website design


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