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How did the group start?

This project has it's roots in an evening class in Landscape Archaeology led by Nicholas James at Sawston Village College in the Autumn of 1997, under the aegis of the University of Cambridge Board of Continuing Education.  At the end of the course many participants   wanted the opportunity to apply their new found skills to a practical problem.  With the support of Nicholas James and Sue Oosthuizen of the Board of Continuing Education, The idea of studying a South Cambridgeshire village took root, and Thriplow was selected partly because it had not been the subject of such a study before, partly because the village itself has an interesting and complex structure and partly because it was accessible for all the group.


Who is in the group?

Brian Bridgland  

Pat Davies 

Elizabeth Livingstone 

Bruce Milner  

Ian Sanderson  

Jim Wilson 

Shirley Wittering